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    • Nematode pests of leguminous and oilseed crops 

      Fourie, Hendrika; De Waele, Dirk; McDonald, Alexander H.; Steenkamp, Sonia (Springer, 2017)
      Sunflower ranks first among the legume and oilseed crops produced in South Africa, followed by soybean. The production of Bambara groundnut, cowpea, dry bean, groundnut and lupin is practised on a much smaller scale. The ...
    • Nematode pests of maize and other cereal crops 

      McDonald, Alexander H.; De Waele, Dirk; Fourie, Hendrika (Springer, 2017)
      Maize is the most important cereal crop grown in South Africa, followed by wheat and grain sorghum. Yields of grain crops usually vary considerably between years, mainly due to highly variable rainfall. The most widespread ...
    • Nematode pests of potato and other vegetable crops 

      Jones, Robin K.; Fourie, Hendrika; Storey, Sheila G.; Knoetze, Rinus (Springer, 2017)
      The major nematode pests of potato and tomato, their biology, economic damage and control options are outlined along with brief descriptions of those recorded from onion, cabbage, carrot, sweet potato, green pea, beetroot ...