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    • Coping with HIV-related stigma in five African countries 

      Greeff, Minrie; Phetlhu, Deliwe; Makoae, Lucia N.; Uys, Leana R.; Naidoo, Joanne R; Kohi, Thecla W.; Dlamini, Priscilla S.; Chirwa, Maureen L.; Holzemer, William L. (Elsevier Science Limited, 2008)
    • Debating some past and present research frameworks and methodologies in history on places and their peoples in South Africa 

      Van Eeden, Elize S. (Taylor & FrancisUNISA Press, 2013)
      Histories regarding places and their peoples in South Africa can be traced to the early days of History being practised as an academic discipline. However, practising this form of history under (and outside) the flag of ...
    • The idea of Southern Africa in humanities and social science disciplines 

      Ndhlovu, Finex; Siziba, Liqhwa Patience (2014)
      The role of the academy in the manufacture of individual and group identities remains least understood from theoretical and empirical perspectives. The legitimation and consumption of such identity discourses (by both ...
    • Local variations in exclusive breastfeeding rates in Africa 

      Reimers, Penelope; Witten, Chantell; Coutsoudis, Anna (Nature, 2019)
      Large-scale analysis of 49 countries in Africa shows improvements in the prevalence of babies under 6 months of age being fed only breast milk, but there are large disparities in progress across and within countries
    • Structural default models applied to South African banks 

      Styger, Paul; Venter, J. Hennie (Bureau for Economic Research and the Graduate School of Business, University of Stellenbosch, 2008)
      We modify the structural default model of Merton to make it more readily applicable to banking firms in South Africa. In essence the modification assumes that both assets and liabilities follow geometric Brownian motion ...
    • Transdisciplinarity: two preliminary issues 

      Coletto, Renato (2013)
      Any discussion about transdisciplinarity presupposes some sort of recognition of the scientific disciplines and some agreement on how they are or should be grouped or classified. This article supplies a demarcation criterion ...