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    • An inventory of marketing skills essential for tourism entrepreneurs: a 3–domain approach 

      De Klerk, N.; Bevan-Dye, A.L.; Garnett, A. (Academic Journals [© 2010 Academic Journals]Academic Journals [© 2010 Academic Journals], 2012)
      This article postulates that specific marketing skills contribute to the success of a tourism entrepreneur. The purpose of the research was first, to identify the marketing skills that are critical to the success of tourism ...
    • The perceived value of a scuba diving experience 

      Schoeman, Kiera; Van der Merwe, Peet; Slabbert, Elmarie (CERF, 2016)
      Tourists today are more value conscious, which creates challenges for tourism products to keep up with what tourists want and how they perceive certain experiences. Perceived tourism value can be seen as the value that ...