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    • The Hebrew Bible and metaethics : a philosophical introduction 

      JW Gericke (University of Stellenbosch, Department of Biblical Studies, 2010)
      In the discipline of Biblical Ethics (Hebrew Bible) the concern lies with descriptive and normative ethics whereas questions pertaining to metaethics are frequently bracketed. As a result, very little attention has been ...
    • The Hebrew Bible and philosophy of religion 

      Gericke, Jaco (Society of Biblical Literature, 2012)
      This study pioneers the use of philosophy of religion in the study of the Hebrew Bible. After identifying the need for a legitimate philosophical approach to Israelite religion, the volume traces the history of interdisciplinary ...
    • Hegelians in Heaven, but on Earth...Westphal's Kierkegaardian Faith 

      Sands, Justin (De Gruyter, 2016)
      Merold Westphal's new publication, Kierkegaard's Concept of Faith, gives us an opportunity to explore the many ways in which Kierkegaard has influenced Westphal's thinking as a whole. This present contribution seeks to ...