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    • Designing a new methodology for customs risk models 

      Hoffman, Alwyn; Grater, Sonja; Venter, Willem C.; Maree, Juanita; Liebenberg, David (CCES, 2019)
      Effective risk management is a prerequisite to find an acceptable balance between the objectives of a customs operation and the streamlined flow of goods. The customs operations in many developing countries are characterised ...
    • An explorative study into the effectiveness of a customs operation and its impact on trade 

      Hoffman, Alwyn J.; Venter, Willem C.; Grater, Sonia; Maree, Juantia; Liebenberg, David (CCES, 2018)
      There is a lack of overall efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa’s logistics systems, with a large contributor to this problem being inefficient customs processes and unnecessary customs delays. Many comparisons have been ...