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    • Export strategy risks and governance in the clothing industry 

      Mapanga, Arthur; Miruka, Collins; Mavetera, Nehemiah (Virtus interpress, 2016)
      This paper investigates the export strategy implementation risks in Zimbabwe's clothing sector with a view to build a framework for improving strategy implementation and governance. The government of Zimbabwe has formulated ...
    • Exposing the major determinants of digital divide in Southern Africa 

      Gorejena, Karikoga; Mavetera, Nehemiah; Velempini, Mthulisi (Ponte Editore, 2017)
      In this paper a quantitative analysis of factors that affect broadband growth and penetration in southern African region is integrated with that of the qualitative factors to espouse the major determinants of a digital ...
    • Risk and opportunities connected to the adoption of internet banking in an emerging market 

      Mavetera, Nehemiah; Jokonya, Osden; Maradung, Pako (Virtus, 2017)
      This research investigate the adoption of Internet banking among Gaborone`s working class and university students. Internet banking comes with convenience and lower costs, which encourage customers to adopt it. Hindering ...