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    • Measuring employee engagement of South African managers 

      Imandin, Lailah; Bisschoff, Christo A.; Botha, Christoff J. (Kamla Raj Enterprises, 2015)
      This paper reports the level of employee engagement exhibited by managers in South Africa. The model employed to measure employee engagement was validated as a measuring tool, and consequently the selection thereof as a ...
    • The role played by principals as managers and leaders of public schools in Swaziland 

      Hamid, Z.; Bisschoff, C.A.; Botha, C.J. (Kamla-Raj, 2016)
      Swaziland is a small country situated in-between South Africa and Mozambique towards the southern tip of Africa. As former British colony, achieving independence in 1968, Swaziland has a history of colonial education based ...