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    • Government debt in Greece:  an empirical analysis 

      Mah, Gisele; Mongale, Itumeleng Pleasure; Mukuddem-petersen, Janine; Petersen, Mark Adam (Virtus Interpress, 2014)
      Greek government debt has been increasing above the percentage stated in the growth and stability path from 112.9% in 2008 to 175.6% in 2013. This paper investigates the determinants of the general government debt in Greek ...
    • The effects of public debt on foreign direct investment in South Africa (1983-2013): an empirical analysis 

      Oche, Mary Oyemowo; Mah, Gisele; Mongale, Itumeleng (Virtus interpress, 2016)
      The political move in South Africa occurred against a setting of high government deficits. Efforts have been made over the years by the government to reduce fiscal deficit and inflation, liberalize the capital account and ...
    • The governance of federal debt in the United States of America 

      Mah, Gisele (Virtus, 2017)
      The United State of America has been experiencing high debt to GDP ratio of more than 100% and these Public debts are detrimental. The main purpose of this study was to examine the shocks of the variables on others in the ...