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    • Morality as the substructure of social justice: religion in education as a case in point 

      Potgieter, Ferdinand Jacobus (Educational Association of South Africa (EASA), 2011)
      Moral issues and principles do not only emerge in cases of conflict among, for instance, religious communities or political parties; indeed they form the moral substructure of notions of social justice. During periods of ...
    • Naar een integrale theorie van kernbegrippe in onderwijs en opvoeding. 

      Potgieter, F.J.; Van der Walt, J.L.; Wolhuter, C.C.; Valenkamp, M. (Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, 2013)
      This paper investigates how education may be related to the needs of contemporary society as embodied in the connections and relationships between education on one hand, and spirituality/ religion, quality of life, ...
    • Religion in education in South Africa: was social justice served? 

      Van der Walt, Johannes Lodewicus (Educational Association of South Africa (EASA), 2011)
      The promulgation of South African policy regarding the place of religion in public education was delayed until 2003, after a lively debate. The National Policy on Religion in Education effectively banned confessional, ...