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    • Data acquisition system for capturing dynamic transients in a control valve 

      Helling, Arnold; Van Schoor, George; Helberg, Albert S.J. (IEEE, 2004)
      This work presents the development of a data acquisition (DAQ) system to be used in conjunction with fuzzy modelling to derive a dynamic mathematical model of a control valve. Characterising the behaviour of a control valve ...
    • Error correction with the implicit encoding capability of random network coding 

      Von Solms, Suné; Grobler, Magdalena J.; Helberg, Albert S.J. (Springer, 2010)
      In this paper, we present a technique for a network error correcting code using Random Network Coding. We introduce a novel error correction scheme that uses the implicit encoding capability of Random Network Coding. This ...
    • Evaluation of the wideband compressive radio receiver for spectrum sensing 

      De Wet, Sarel J.; Helberg, Albert S.J. (IEEE, 2011)
      We present an empirical evaluation of the carrier detection method used in the Wideband Compressive Radio Receiver (WCRR), which is of particular interest for spectrum sensing in Cognitive Radio (CR) and Dynamic Spectrum ...
    • The intuitive approach to engineering design of a multi-cultural group of engineering students 

      Grobler, M.J.; Helberg, Albert S.J. (IEEE, 2011)
      We all acknowledge the importance of design in the world of an engineer, and much effort goes into teaching the best practices to our students. We however seldom examine what their intuitive approach to engineering design ...
    • Modified earliest decoding for random network codes 

      Von Solms, Suné; Helberg, Albert S.J. (IEEE, 2011)
      We present a practical, modified version of earliest decoding for random linear network coding networks. This decoding method has a lower complexity and decoding delay than traditional Gaussian elimination decoding schemes
    • On systematic generator matrices for Reed-Solomon codes 

      Versfeld, Daniel J.J.; Helberg, Albert S.J.; Ridley, James N.; Ferreira, Hendrik C. (IEEE, 2010)
      We derive a simple formula to generate a wide-sense systematic generator matrix B for a Reed-Solomon code. Specifically, we generate the generator matrix B such that the columns with indices ¿ 1 , ¿ 2 ,..., ¿ k are the ...