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    • Effect of H2S on SO2-depolarised water electrolysis 

      Krüger, Andries J.; Krieg, Henning M.; Bessarabov, Dmitri (Elsevier, 2015)
      The performance of a PEM SO2 electrolyser, used for the production of H2 gas and liquid H2SO4, was evaluated when the feed was contaminated with hydrogen sulfide. Transient voltage response at constant current density and ...
    • Evaluation of MEA manufacturing parameters using EIS for SO2 electrolysis 

      Krüger, Andries J.; Krieg, Henning M.; Van der Merwe, Jan; Bessarabov, Dmitri (Elsevier, 2014)
      Membrane electrode assembly (MEA) manufacturing parameters such as hot pressing pressure and pressing time were investigated for the use in a SO2 electrolyser. The SO2 electrolysis was optimised in terms of cell temperature, ...
    • Hydrogen production by water electrolysis with an ultrathin anion-exchange membrane (AEM) 

      Vincent, Immanuel; Krüger, Andries; Bessarabov, Dmitri (ESG, 2018)
      A new ultrathin anion exchange membrane (AEM) is proposed for low cost AEM electrolysis. The advantages that thin membranes offer include reduced mass transport resistance and ohmic resistance. A membrane electrode ...