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    • Evaluating complex mine ventilation operational changes through simulations 

      Nel, Andries J.H.; Vosloo, Jan C.; Mathews, Marc J. (Univ Cape Town, 2018)
      Increasing the profitability of the mining industry is contingent on its ability to improve operational efficiency. Mine ventilation networks typically represent 25-50% of a mine’s energy consumption and, therefore, ...
    • Financial model for energy efficiency projects in the mining industry 

      Nel, A.J.H.; Vosloo, J.C.; Mathews, M.J. (Elsevier, 2018)
      The impact of industrial EE projects have previously been understated by the omission of non-energy benefits (NEBs). As a result, several fruitful projects have not been implemented which could have dire consequences for ...
    • Implementing a DIKW model on a deep mine cooling system 

      Pretorius, Jan Gabriel; Mathews, Marc John; Maré, Philip; Kleingeld, Marius; Van Rensburg, Johann (Elsevier, 2019)
      The South African mining industry has been experiencing increasing economic pressure. Deep mines also suffer from very hot workplaces, which leads to safety risks. These factors place stress on managers to reach their ...