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    • An intelligent freight corridor overload control system 

      Hoffman, Alwyn J.; De Coning, Arno (IEEE, 2014)
      Overload control is an important aspect of freight corridors in developing countries that largely depend on road transport to move goods between ports and areas of production and consumption. As the frequent weighing ...
    • Securing number plates based on digital signatures and RFID 

      Hoffman, Alwyn J.; Geldenhuys, Daniel J.S.; Pretorius, Albertus B. (IEEE, 2013)
      The automated detection of vehicles forms an important part of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The vehicle number plate is the primary token used for the identification of the vehicle; the number plates industry is ...
    • The use of tracking technology for improved management of trade corridors 

      Hoffman, Alwyn J.; Lusanga, Kabanda P.; Bhero, Ernest (IEEE, 2013)
      The sub-Sahara African economy is suffering from the inefficient management of trade corridors. Long delays experienced at weigh bridges and border posts are a big contributor towards the slow average movement of freight. ...