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    • Herbal hepatotoxicity: current status, examples, and challenges 

      Calitz, Carlemi; Du Plessis, Lissinda; Gouws, Chrisna; Steyn, Dewald; Steenekamp, Jan; Muller, Christo; Hamman, Sias (Taylor & Francis, 2015)
      Introduction: Herbal medicines have commonly been considered safe by the general public due to their natural origin and long history of traditional uses. In contrast to this belief, many plants produce toxic substances as ...
    • Review of natural compounds for potential skin cancer treatment 

      Chinembiri, Tawona N.; Du Plessis, Lissinda H.; Gerber, Minja; Hamman, Josias H.; Du Plessis, Jeanetta (MDPI, 2014)
      Most anti-cancer drugs are derived from natural resources such as marine, microbial and botanical sources. Cutaneous malignant melanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer, with a high mortality rate. Various ...