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    • Disordered eating behavior, body image, and energy status of female student dancers 

      Robbeson, Justine G.; Kruger, Herculina S.; Wright, Hattie H. (Human Kinetics Publ Inc, 2015)
      Background: Modern culture has stereotyped the female body as one that is continually getting thinner. Internalization of the ‘thin’ ideal is partly attributable to the inner ideal to be successful combined with the external ...
    • The female athlete triad in student track and field athletes 

      Robbeson, J.G.; Havemann-Nel, L.; Wright, H.H. (MedPharm Publications, 2013)
      Objectives: To explore the female athlete triad components in university track and field athletes, as well as calculate estimated energy availability. Design: Cross-sectional descriptive study design. Setting and subjects: ...
    • Profile of the female athlete triad among elite Kenyan endurance athletes and non - athletes 

      Goodwin, Y.; Moneyki, M.A.; De Ridder, J.H.; Boit, M.K.; Toriola, A.L. (LAM Publications; AJOL; Sabinet, 2014)
      Women participating in endurance sports are at risk of presenting with low energy availability (EA), menstrual dysfunction (MD), and low bone mineral density (BMD), collectively termed the female athlete triad (FAT or ...