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    • DNA damage and repair capacity in hairdressers exposed to chemical products: a pilot study 

      Eloff, F.C.; Preston, R.; Pretorius, P.J.; Du Plessis, J.L.; Laubscher, P.J.; Van Aarde, M.N.; Van der Westhuizen, F.H.; Franken, A. (SASOM, 2013)
      Hairdressers are exposed to numerous hazardous chemical substances, some of which are known or suspected allergens, carcinogens or organic solvents. The objectives of this study were to compare DNA damage and DNA repair ...
    • DNA damage and repair detected by the comet assay in lymphocytes of African petrol attendants: a pilot study 

      Keretetse, G.S.; Laubscher, P.J.; Du Plessis, J.L.; Pretorius, P.J.; Van der Westhuizen, F.H.; Van Deventer, E.; Van Dyk, E.; Eloff, F.C.; Van Aarde, M.N.; Du Plessis, L.H. (Oxford Univ Press, 2008)
      Petrol attendants are exposed to petrol volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may have genotoxic and carcinogenic effects. The single-cell gel electrophoresis assay (comet assay) is a method highly sensitive to DNA damage ...