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    • Cosmic ray flux at the earth in a variable heliosphere 

      Scherer, K.; Ferreira, S.E.S.; Potgieter, M.S.; Fichtner, H.; Heber, B. (Elsevier, 2008)
      In recent years the variability of the cosmic ray flux has become one of the main issues not only for the interpretation of the abundances of cosmogenic isotopes in cosmochronic archives like, e.g., ice cores, but also for ...
    • The variability of the proton cosmic ray flux on the sun's way around the galactic center 

      Büsching, I.; Potgieter, M.S. (Elsevier, 2008)
      The discovery of direct evidences for the acceleration of high energetic particles at the shell supernova remnant RXJ1713.7-3946 underlined the need to calculate the cosmic ray (CR) distribution in the Galaxy on a spatial ...