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    • Nematode pests of leguminous and oilseed crops 

      Fourie, Hendrika; De Waele, Dirk; McDonald, Alexander H.; Steenkamp, Sonia (Springer, 2017)
      Sunflower ranks first among the legume and oilseed crops produced in South Africa, followed by soybean. The production of Bambara groundnut, cowpea, dry bean, groundnut and lupin is practised on a much smaller scale. The ...
    • Reproduction and damage potential of five geographical Ditylenchus africanus populations on peanut 

      Steenkamp, Sonia; De Waele, Dirk; McDonald, Alexander (Society of Nematologists, 2016)
      Ditylenchus africanus affects peanut quality, which leads to downgrading of consignments and economic losses for producers. This nematode is difficult to control and host-plant resistance may be the most effective way to ...