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    • Development and testing of an anion exchange membrane electrolyser 

      Manolova, Mila; Kerres, Jochen; Schoeberl, Claudia; Freudenberger, Renate; Ellwein, Corina (Elsevier, 2015)
      In the context of energy policy and the use of renewable energies, our research institute collaborates with other partners on the development of a compact, environmental-friendly and effective electrolyser for efficient ...
    • SO2 - an indirect source of energy 

      Kriek, R.J.; Van Ravenswaay, J.P.; Potgieter, M.; Calitz, A.; Lates, V. (SAIMM, 2013)
      Global sulphur dioxide (SO ) emissions peaked around the mid- 1970s, after which they declined. However, with the growth of specifically China, emissions are on the rise again. In 2008, global anthropogenic SO emissions ...