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    • Fluid-assisted granulite metamorphism: a continental journey 

      Huizenga, Jan Marten; Touret, Jacques L.R. (Elsevier, 2012)
      Lower crustal granulites, which constitute the base of all continents, belong to two series: high-pressure granulites generated by crustal thickening (subduction) and (ultra)high-temperature granulites associated with ...
    • Vein graphite deposits: geological settings, origin, and economic significance 

      Luque, F.J.; Huizenga, J-M.; Crespo-Feo, E.; Wada, H.; Ortega, L. (Springer, 2014)
      Graphite deposits result from the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks rich in carbonaceous matter or from precipitation from carbon-bearing fluids (or melts). The latter process forms vein deposits which are structurally ...