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    • The altered human serum metabolome induced by a marathon 

      Stander, Zinandré; Luies, Laneke; Mienie, Lodewyk J.; Howatson, Glyn; Loots, Du Toit (Springer, 2018)
      Introduction Endurance races have been associated with a substantial amount of adverse effects which could lead to chronic disease and long-term performance impairment. However, little is known about the holistic metabolic ...
    • Minimal muscle damage after a marathon and no influence of beetroot juice on inflammation and recovery 

      Clifford, Tom; Howatson, Glyn; Allerton, Dean M.; Brown, Meghan A.; Harper, Liam (NRC Research Press, 2017)
      This study examined whether beetroot juice (BTJ) would attenuate inflammation and muscle damage following a marathon. Using a double blind, independent group design, 34 runners (each having completed ca. ∼16 previous ...