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    • Acute and chronic effects of acidic pH on four subtropical frog species 

      Farquharson, Charon; Wepener, Victor; Smit, Nico J. (Water Research Commission, 2016)
      Acidic precipitation is implicated as a possible cause of global amphibian decline. Even protected areas such as Kruger National Park receive acid rain which may lead to possible negative effects on the park’s natural ...
    • Lethal and sublethal impacts of a micropredator on post-settlement Caribbean reef fishes 

      Sellers, Joseph C.; Botha, Tarryn L.; Sikkel, Paul C.; Holstein, Daniel M. (Springer, 2019)
      The transition from a planktonic larval stage to a benthic or demersal juvenile stage, “recruitment”, is a crucial event in the life history of coral reef fishes, and has a strong influence on population size. Predation ...