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    • Birds mediate a fungus-mite mutualism 

      Theron-De Bruin, Natalie; Ueckermann, Eddie A.; Dreyer, Léanne L.; Wingfield, Michael J.; Roets, Francois (Springer, 2018)
      Mutualisms between ophiostomatoid fungi and arthropods have been well documented. These fungi commonly aid arthropod nutrition and, in turn, are transported to new niches by these arthropods. The inflorescences of Protea ...
    • The mutualistic relationship between information systems and the humanities 

      Kroeze, Jan H (IBIMA, 2010)
      The paper explores the nature of the relationship between the study fields of Information Systems and the humanities. Although literature on Humanities Computing states in principle that there is a bidirectional, beneficial ...
    • Parasite infestation increases on coral reefs without cleaner fish 

      Grutter, A.S.; Sikkel, P.C.; De Brauwer, M.; Bshary, R.; Cheney, K.L. (Springer, 2018)
      Mutualisms are pivotal in shaping ecological communities. Iconic images of cleaner fish entering the mouths of predatory fish clients to remove ectoparasites epitomize their mutual benefit. Experimental manipulations of ...