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    • Lead exposure in raptors from Japan and source identification using Pb stable isotope ratios 

      Ishii, Chihiro; Ikenaka, Yoshinori; Nakayama, Shouta M.M.; Nakata, Hokuto; Saito, Keisuke (Elsevier, 2017)
      Lead (Pb) poisoning is widespread among raptors and water birds. In Japan, fragments of Pb ammunition are still found in endangered eagles although more than 10 years have passed since legislation regarding use of Pb ...
    • A review: poisoning by anticoagulant rodenticides in non-target animals globally 

      Nakayama, Shouta M.M.; Ikenaka, Yoshinori; Morita, Ayuko; Mizukawa, Hazuki; Ishizuka, Mayumi (Japanese Society of Veterinary Science, 2019)
      Worldwide use of anticoagulant rodenticides (ARs) for rodents control has frequently led to secondary poisoning of non-target animals, especially raptors. In spite of the occurrence of many incidents of primary or secondary ...