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    • Determining pitch-angle diffusion coefficients from test particle simulations 

      Ivascenko, Alex; Spanier, Felix; Lange, Sebastian; Vainio, Rami (IOP Publishing, 2016)
      The transport and acceleration of charged particles in turbulent media are topics of great interest in space physics and interstellar astrophysics. These processes are dominated by the scattering of particles off magnetic ...
    • Particle scattering off of right-handed dispersive waves 

      Schreiner, C.; Spanier, F.; Kilian, P. (IOP Publishing, 2017)
      Resonant scattering of fast particles off low frequency plasma waves is a major process determining transport characteristics of energetic particles in the heliosphere and contributing to their acceleration. Usually, only ...
    • Resonant inverse Compton scattering spectra from highly magnetized neutron stars 

      Wadiasingh, Zorawar; Baring, Matthew G.; Gonthier, Peter L.; Harding, Alice K. (IOP Publishing, 2018)
      Hard, nonthermal, persistent pulsed X-ray emission extending between 10 and ~150 keV has been observed in nearly 10 magnetars. For inner-magnetospheric models of such emission, resonant inverse Compton scattering of soft ...