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    • Category-based phoneme-to-grapheme transliteration 

      Basson, Willem D.; Davel, Marelie H. (International Speech Communication Association ( ISCA ), 2013)
      Grapheme-based speech recognition systems are faster to develop but typically do not reach the same level of performance as phoneme-based systems. In this paper we introduce a technique for improving the performance of ...
    • Collecting and evaluating speech recognition corpora for 11 South African languages 

      Badenhorst, Jaco; Van Heerden, Charl; Barnard, Etienne; Davel, Marelie H. (Springer, 2011)
      We describe the Lwazi corpus for automatic speech recognition (ASR), a new telephone speech corpus which contains data from the eleven official languages of South Africa. Because of practical constraints, the amount of ...
    • Implications of Sepedi/English code switching for ASR systems 

      Modipa, Thipe I.; De Wet, Febe; Davel, Marelie H. (Pattern recognition association of South Africa (PRASA), 2013)
      Code switching (the process of switching from one language to another during a conversation) is a common phenomenon in multilingual environments. Where a minority and dominant language coincide, code switching from the ...
    • Medium-vocabulary speech recognition for under-resourced languages 

      Van Heerden, Charl J.; Barnard, Etienne; Davel, Marelie H. (SLTU, 2012)
      We report on the development of speech-recognition systems that are able to perform accurate recognition on mediumvocabulary tasks (i.e. tasks that require distinctions between approximately 200 different terms). We are ...
    • The NCHLT Speech Corpus of the South African languages 

      Barnard, Etienne; Davel, Marelie H.; van Heerden, Charl; De Wet, Febe; Badenhorst, Jaco (Workshop Spoken Language Technologies for Under-resourced Languages (SLTU), 2014)
      The NCHLT speech corpus contains wide-band speech from approximately 200 speakers per language, in each of the eleven official languages of South Africa. We describe the design and development processes that were ...