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    • Constraints on particle acceleration in SS433/W50 from MAGIC and H.E.S.S. observations 

      Ahnen, M.L.; Munar-Adrover, P.; Abdalla, H.; Barnard, M.; Böttcher, M.; Davids, I.D.; Garrigoux, T.; Ivascenko, A.; Krüger, P.P.; Pekeur, N.W.; Richter, S.; Van der Walt, D.J.; Van Rensburg, C.; Venter, C.; Wadiasingh, Z.; Seyffert, A.S.; Spanier, F.; Sushch, I.; H.E.S.S. Collaboration (EDP Sciences, 2018)
      Context. The large jet kinetic power and non-thermal processes occurring in the microquasar SS 433 make this source a good candidate for a very high-energy (VHE) gamma-ray emitter. Gamma-ray fluxes above the sensitivity ...