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    • Fundamental and harmonic plasma emission in different plasma environments 

      Ganse, U.; Spanier, F.; Kilian, P.; Vainio, R. (EDP Sciences, 2014)
      Aims. Emission of radio waves from plasmas through plasma emission with fundamental and harmonic frequencies is a familiar process known from solar type II radio bursts. Current models assume the existence of counterstreaming ...
    • On cosmic ray modulation beyond the heliopause: where is the modulation boundary? 

      Scherer, K.; Strauss, R.D.; Ferreira, S.E.S.; Potgieter, M.S.; Fichtner, H. (IOP Publishing, 2011)
      Two of the paradigms in modeling the transport of galactic cosmic rays are that the modulation boundary is the heliopause and that the local interstellar spectra are identical to the galactic cosmic ray spectra. Here we ...
    • Relativistic positron-electron-ion shear flows and application to gamma-ray bursts 

      Liang, Edison; Fu, Wen; Boettcher, Markus; Smith, Ian; Roustazadeh, Parisa (IOP Science, 2013)
      We present particle-in-cell simulation results of relativistic shear flows for hybrid positron–electron–ion plasmas and compare to those for pure e+e− and pure e− ion plasmas. Among the three types of relativistic shear ...