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    • Sulfonated poly(pentafluorostyrene): synthesis & characterization 

      Atanasov, Vladimir; Kerres, Jochen; Bürger, Matthias; Lyonnard, Sandrine; Porcar, Lionel (Elsevier, 2013)
      Preparation of a high molecular weight polypentafluorostyrene (PFS) and sulfonated polypentafluorostyrene (sPFS) is described in this paper. The high molecular weight PFS was obtained via classical emulsion polymerizati ...
    • Sulfonated poly(styrene)s-PBIOO® blend membranes: thermo-oxidative stability and conductivity 

      Kerres, Jochen A.; Katzfuß, Anika; Chromik, Andreas; Atanasov, Vladimir (Wiley, 2014)
      Low-cost polymers poly(styrene) and poly(α-methylstyrene) have been sulfonated followed by blending with PBIOO® (30 wt % sulfonated ionomer, 70 wt % PBIOO). At this polymer ratio the sulfonated ionomer served as the ...