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    • Hadronic models of blazars require a change of the accretion paradigm 

      Zdziarski, Andrzej A.; Böttcher, Markus (Oxford University Press, 2015)
      We study hadronic models of broad-band emission of jets in radio-loud active galactic nuclei, and their implications for the accretion in those sources. We show that the models that account for broad-band spectra of blazars ...
    • A self-consistent and time-dependent hybrid blazar emission model 

      Weidinger, M.; Spanier, F. (EDP Sciences, 2015)
      Aims. A time-dependent emission model for blazar jets, taking acceleration due to Fermi-I and Fermi-II processes for electrons and protons as well as all relevant radiative processes self-consistently into account, is ...