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    • Cosmic rays in the inner heliosphere: insights from observations, theory and models 

      Potgieter, M.S. (Springer, 2011)
      The global modulation of galactic cosmic rays in the inner heliosphere is determined by four major mechanisms: convection, diffusion, particle drifts (gradient, curvature and current sheet drifts), and adiabatic energy ...
    • Modulation of galactic cosmic rays in a north-south asymmetrical heliosphere 

      Ngobeni, M.D.; Potgieter, M.S. (Elsevier, 2011)
      Observations made with the two Voyager spacecraft confirmed that the solar wind decelerates to form the heliospheric termination shock. Voyager 1 crossed this termination shock at ∼94 AU in 2004, while Voyager 2 crossed ...
    • Solar modulation of cosmic rays 

      Potgieter, Marius S. (Springer Nature, 2013)
      This is an overview of the solar modulation of cosmic rays in the heliosphere. It is a broad topic with numerous intriguing aspects so that a research framework has to be chosen to concentrate on. The review focuses on ...