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dc.contributor.authorBerthier, Pauline
dc.contributor.authorDu Preez, Louis
dc.contributor.authorRaharivololoniana, Liliane
dc.contributor.authorVences, Miguel
dc.contributor.authorVerneau, Olivier
dc.identifier.citationBerthier, P. et al. 2014. Two new species of polystomes (Monogenea: Polystomatidae) from the anuran host Guibemantis liber. Parasitology international, 63:108-119. []en_US
dc.description.abstractMadapolystoma ramilijaonae n. sp. and Madapolystoma cryptica n. sp. (Monogenea, Polystomatidae) are described from the urinary bladder of disjunct populations of the Madagascar shrub frog Guibemantis liber. Although only minor morphological characters distinguish the new species from the single nominal species of the genus, i.e. Madapolystoma biritika, their strong and concordant differentiation in a mitochondrial and a nuclear gene supplemented by phylogenetic analyses indicates that M. ramilijaonae n. sp. and M. cryptica n. sp. should be regarded as two distinct species. Because anuran polystomes are known to be host-specific, the description of two cryptic species from a single host species points to a taxonomic complex situation in G. liber, a widespread frog that is characterized by the presence of several deep conspecific lineages and possibly by hybridization and admixture with other species of Guibemantis.en_US
dc.subjectMadapolystoma ramilijaonae n. sp.en_US
dc.subjectMadapolystoma cryptica n. sp.en_US
dc.subjectGuibemantis liberen_US
dc.subjectCryptic speciesen_US
dc.titleTwo new species of polystomes (Monogenea: Polystomatidae) from the anuran host Guibemantis liberen_US
dc.contributor.researchID12308218 - Du Preez, Louis Heyns
dc.contributor.researchID25588427 - Verneau, Olivier

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