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dc.contributor.authorHoffman, Alwyn
dc.contributor.authorHolm, Johann
dc.contributor.authorMarais, Henri-Jean
dc.identifier.citationHoffman, A. et al. 2010. A comparison of TTF and RTF UHF RFID protocols. (In Bolic, M., Simplot-Ryl, D. & Stojmenovic, I., eds. RFID systems: research trends and challenges. Ch. 9:231-268). []en_US
dc.identifier.isbn9780470665251 (Online)
dc.description.abstractThis chapter focuses only on aspects related to the choice of a suitable protocol. While a brief overview will be provided of RFID protocols in general, the main focus is on the challenges to find a suitable protocol for long-read range passive UHF RFID. The motivation for focusing on UHF RFID is that both short-range magnetic induction-based passive RFID and active UHF RFID have long been established and are thus currently not facing the same challenges as passive UHF. The chapter starts with an overview of the requirements for RFID protocols, to provide a framework within which candidate protocols can be evaluated and compared against the existing standards forming part of ISO18000-6. The different approaches that can be taken in the implementation of RFID protocols are briefly covered, followed by an overview of the requirements for the effective operation of RFID, with the focus mainly on passive UHFen_US
dc.subjectPassive ultra high frequency (UHF)en_US
dc.subjectRadio-frequency identification (RFID) protocolen_US
dc.subjectTag-talks-first (TTF) protocolsen_US
dc.titleA comparison of TTF and RTF UHF RFID protocolsen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
dc.contributor.researchID10196978 - Hoffman, Alwyn Jakobus
dc.contributor.researchID12868299 - Holm, Johann Erich Wolfgang
dc.contributor.researchID12806218 - Marais, Henri-Jean

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