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dc.contributor.authorBoer, Pieter-Henk
dc.contributor.authorMoss, Sarah Johanna
dc.identifier.citationBoer, P.-H. & Moss, S.J. 2016. Validity of the 16-metre PACER and six-minute walk test in adults with Down syndrome. Disability and rehabilitation, 38(26):2575-2583. []
dc.identifier.issn1464–5165 (Online)
dc.description.abstractPurpose: The purpose was to establish criterion-related validity of the 16-metre PACER and six-minute walk distance (6MWD) tests to VO2 peak as well as predictors of VO2 peak in adults with Down syndrome (DS). Methods: Adults with DS (24 males and 19 females) aged 18–50 years performed the three aerobic tests on non-consecutive days during a one-week period. To assess validity, peak oxygen uptake was measured directly on a motorized treadmill. Pearson–product moment correlations were performed. Predictors of VO2 peak were assessed with a stepwise multiple regression analysis. Agreement between PACER and VO2 peak was assessed by Bland–Altman plot. Results: Linear regression revealed that the PACER (R2 = 0.86) and the 6MWD (R2 = 0.75) were significantly related to VO2 peak (p < 0.05). Both the 16-metre PACER and the 6MWD significantly correlated with VO2 peak for adults with DS. The relationship was stronger for the 16-metre shuttle run test (r = 0.87) than the 6MWD (r = 0.78). The correlation between VO2 peak and both field tests, controlling for age, gender and BMI, remained significant (r > 0.7; p < 0.05). PACER, 6MWD and BMI are significant predictors of VO2 peak (p < 0.05). Conclusion: The 16-metre PACER and 6MWD are valid field tests for predicting aerobic capacity in adults with DS
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis Ltd
dc.subjectAerobic capacity
dc.subjectFunctional ability
dc.subjectIntellectual disability
dc.subjectSix-minute walk test
dc.subjectVO2 peak
dc.titleValidity of the 16-metre PACER and six-minute walk test in adults with Down syndrome
dc.contributor.researchID10210407 - Moss, Sarah Johanna

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