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dc.contributor.authorLouw, Gabriel
dc.contributor.authorDuvenhage, André
dc.identifier.citationLouw, G. & Duvenhage, A. 2016. Does the traditional healer have a religious distinctiveness in Modern-day South Africa? Ensovoort, 36(11:1):1-13. []
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dc.description.abstractResearch alludes that the South African traditional healer is not a medical identity, but origin from the old Traditional African Religious Culture as a traditional religious-healer; a spiritual remnant from a previous, pre-modern time of living. Hereto had the New South Africa not only undergo dramatic religious, social, economical and political changes after 1994, but had already moved into new religious and cultural domains centuries ago, leaving many of its pre-modern religious and cultural beliefs, such as the traditional healer and his religious activities, totally behind. Present-day political and cultural moulding by politicians and cultural leaders with outdated thoughts and intentions, as the enforcing of Act No 22 (2007) and the re-starting of the traditional healer as a spiritual practitioner, are met more and more with resistance, aggression and even disrespect. It is thus important to research and to determine changes in South Africans religious values and styles to can see if the traditional healer has a religious distinctiveness in modern-day South Africa. The aim of the study was thus to determine if the South African traditional healer has a South African religious distinctiveness to make him unique and significant as a religious practitioner in Modern-day South Africa.
dc.subjectAfrican religion
dc.subjecthomo Africanus
dc.subjecthomo Europeanist
dc.subjectreligious distinctiveness
dc.subjecttraditional healer
dc.titleDoes the traditional healer have a religious distinctiveness in Modern-day South Africa?
dc.contributor.researchID10197125 - Duvenhage, André
dc.contributor.researchID10056394 - Louw, Gabriel Petrus

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