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dc.contributor.authorVan der Walt, J.L.
dc.identifier.citationVan der Walt, J.L. 2016. Christian philosophy of education in South Africa: the cultural-historical activity theory to the rescue? Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship, 81(2):2-9. []
dc.identifier.issn2304-8557 (Online)
dc.description.abstractParents' choice of schools for their children has become particularly problematic in the current circumstances because of the fact that most schools have become secular and hence cannot support Christian parents in their task of educating children in line with the former's baptismal vow. In addition to this, Philosophy of Education has all but disappeared from teacher education curricula. These circumstances have not, however, detracted from Christian parents', teachers', caregivers' and other educators' need for a Christian Philosophy of Education. This article offers such a Philosophy of Education in the form of Biblical perspectives regarding the main facets of education couched in cultural-historical activity theory. This approach circumvents objections against a mere "grab bag" of Biblical perspectives about education as well as against yet another master theory or grand narrative about Christian education.
dc.subjectEducationChristian education
dc.subjectphilosophy of education
dc.subjectChristian philosophy of education
dc.subjectBiblical perspectives
dc.subjectcultural-historical activity theory
dc.titleChristian philosophy of education in South Africa: the cultural-historical activity theory to the rescue?
dc.contributor.researchID10055150 - Van der Walt, Johannes Lodewicus

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