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dc.contributor.authorGolightly, Aubrey
dc.identifier.citationGolightly, A. 2016. Geography student tutors' perceptions and experiences in problem-based learning tutoral sessions. Journal of communication [Delhi], 7(1):20-33. []
dc.description.abstractIn this study, a qualitative case study design situated within the social constructivism was used to explore Geography Education student tutors' perceptions and experiences in the problem-based learning (PBL) tutorial sessions within a South African context. Individual interviewing (n=12) and student tutors' learning journal entry analyses (n=25) were used to generate data. Findings from the study indicate that most of the Geography student tutors experienced the PBL tutorial sessions as very positive. Participating tutors believed that their engagement as student tutors improved their effectiveness in facilitating and guiding small group learning, enhanced their understanding of the Geography themes and also gave them a holistic interdisciplinary view of the themes that were discussed. Some of the challenges highlighted by the student tutors included that some student tutors were uncertain of their roles in PBL tutorial sessions, students expected the tutors to take a traditiona l behavouristic approach, and some students did not attend the PBL tutorial sessions or came to these sessions unprepared. Most of the tutors in the study were of the opinion that it is important for a tutor to have the necessary subject knowledge to facilitate student learning effectively during the PBL tutorial sessions.
dc.subjectTeacher Education
dc.subjectProblem-based Learning
dc.subjectStudent Tutors
dc.subjectFacilitation Skills
dc.subjectGeography Education
dc.titleGeography student tutors' perceptions and experiences in problem-based learning tutoral sessions
dc.contributor.researchID10076158 - Golightly, Aubrey

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