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dc.contributor.authorBasheer, Ayoub
dc.contributor.authorMoori, Jamshid
dc.identifier.citationBasheer, A. & Moori, J. 2016. On a group of the form 37:Sp(6,2. International Journal of Group Theory, 5(2):41-59. []
dc.identifier.issn2251-7669 (Online)
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this paper is the determination of the inertia‎ ‎factors‎, ‎the computations of the Fischer matrices and the ordinary‎ ‎character table of the split extension G¯¯¯¯=‎‎37:Sp(6,2) by means of Clifford-Fischer Theory‎. ‎We firstly‎ ‎determine the conjugacy classes of G¯¯¯¯ using the coset‎ ‎analysis method‎. ‎The determination of the inertia factor groups of‎ ‎this extension involved looking at some maximal subgroups of the‎ ‎maximal subgroups of Sp(6,2). The Fischer matrices of‎ ‎G¯¯¯¯ are all listed in this paper and their sizes range‎ ‎between 2 and 10‎. ‎The character table of G¯¯¯¯, which is a‎ ‎118×118 C-valued matrix‎, ‎is available in the PhD‎ ‎thesis of the first author‎, ‎which could be accessed online‎.
dc.publisherUniversity of Isfahan
dc.subjectGroup extensions
dc.subjectsymplectic group
dc.subjectcharacter table
dc.subjectinertia groups
dc.subjectFischer matrices
dc.titleOn a group of the form 37:Sp(6,2
dc.contributor.researchID26370514 - Basheer, Ayoub Basheer Mohammed
dc.contributor.researchID16434188 - Moori, Jamshid

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