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    • Optimisation of video detection algorithms for use in advertisement detection applications 

      De Klerk, M.G. (North-West University, 2018)
      The focus of this thesis is on the optimisation of the video detection process to detect advertisements in streaming digital media. While the process of video detection has been around for many years, it is very limited ...
    • Raw coal ore classification using image segmentation methods 

      Theunissen, M.W. (North-West University, 2018)
      The research done in order to complete this dissertation can be summarised as the investigation, implementation, analysis, and comparison of data analysis techniques with the intention to segment a digital image of a raw ...
    • SARS risk profile indicator model evaluation 

      Theron, H.N. (North-West University (South Africa), 2019)
      Managing trade efficiently and in a cost-effective manner can greatly benefit the economy of a country. In South Africa, customs processes lead to many unnecessary delays seemingly without any underlaying reason. This ...