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    • CFD simulation of nuclear graphite oxidation 

      Sukdeo, Preeyanand (North-West University, 2010)
      This study investigates the development of a strategy to simulate nuclear graphite oxidation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to determine an estimate of graphite lost. The task was achieved by comparing the results ...
    • A neutronic model of the PMR200 prismatic modular reactor using MCNP5 

      Sihlangu, Sinenhlanhla Fortunate (North-West University (South Africa) , Potchefstroom Campus, 2016)
      The PMR200 reactor is a prismatic modular High Temperature Reactor. The High Temperature Reactor is a near term Generation IV reactor with the capability of producing electricity, and its high outlet temperature ...
    • Thorium–based fuel cycles : saving uranium in a 200 MWth pebble bed high temperature reactor 

      Gintner, Stephan Konrad (North-West University, 2010)
      The predominant nuclear fuel used globally at present is uranium which is a finite resource. Thorium has been identified as an alternative nuclear fuel source that can be utilized in almost all existing uranium–based ...