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    • A decomposition approach to solving core network design problems 

      Jacholke, Stefan (North-West University, 2018)
      Traditionally, when automated planning is used, network planners solve multilayer core network problems in a top-down manner, solving capacities for the top-most layer, and then using these solved capacities to solve the ...
    • Incremental FTTH deployment planning 

      Laureles, Jonabelle (North-West University (South Africa) , Potchefstroom Campus, 2016)
      The use of optical fibres is favoured due to its desirable physical properties and especially for its high bandwidth transmission capability. The challenges faced in the design of fibre-based networks, specifically FTTH ...
    • Optimization of passive optical network planning for fiber–to–the–home applications 

      Van Loggerenberg, Samuel Pieter (North-West University, 2013)
      Passive optical networks (PONs) are point-to-multipoint networks where a single Central Office (CO) is connected to a number of downstream Optical Network Units (ONUs) via a single optical fiber by splitting the optical ...