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    • Ethanol production from sweet sorghum 

      Mutepe, Rendani Daphney (North-West University, 2012)
      The use of fossil fuels contributes to global warming and there is a consequent need to resort to clean and renewable fuels. The major concerns with using agricultural crops for the production of energy are food and water ...
    • Ultrasonic-assisted lignocellulose pretreatment of amaranth stem for bioethanol production 

      Mbelwana, Amanda (North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus, 2016)
      The depletion of fossil fuels, increasing energy demands in the world, and the effects associated with global warming has led to a search for alternative energy forms that are renewable such as bioethanol. Bioethanol ...
    • Use of amaranth as feedstock for bio-ethanol production 

      Xaba, Nqobile (2014)
      The depletion of fossil fuel reserves and global warming are the two main factors contributing to the current demand in clean and renewable energy resources. Biofuels are renewable energy resources and have an advantage ...