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    • Exploring psychosocial well-being in a group of marginalised African youth 

      Melato, Seleme Revelation (2014)
      This research using quantitative and qualitative methods studied the psychosocial well-being of marginalised youth of African descent in South Africa. The study of well-being amongst the youth has been the focus of many ...
    • Family psychosocial well–being in a South African context 

      Koen, Vicki (North-West University, 2012)
      “The family is the building block of society. It is a nursery, a school, a hospital, a leisure centre, a place of refuge and rest. It encompasses the whole of society. It fashions our beliefs; it is the preparation for the ...
    • Flourishing in a group of South African adolescents 

      Van Schalkwyk, Izanette (North-West University, 2009)
      Little is known about the prevalence and experience of psychological well-being on the upper end of the mental health continuum in South African adolescents, as it is conceptualised in the domain of positive psychology/p ...
    • Validation of a scale to measure psychosocial well-being in an African context 

      Van Rooy, Sinette Gertruida (North-West University, 2007)
      The aim of this study was to determine the psychometric properties of the Mental Health Continuum - Short Form (MHC-SF) (Keyes, 2006a) in an African context. This 14-item self-report questionnaire that measures mental ...