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dc.contributor.authorMuller, Irene
dc.identifier.citationMuller, I. 2017. A context Specific Framework Approach to Community Based Monitoring. International Journal Of Environmental And Science Education, 12(10):2153-2175. []
dc.description.abstractThis paper aims to outline the development of a generic citizen science framework that can be implemented at educational institutions such as university campuses and schools. The framework was developed as a reflective practice after implementation of a community-based water-monitoring project with pre-service teachers and school learners at the North-West University (Vaal Campus), South Africa. The proposed generic citizen science framework was designed by the researcher as an application of various available citizen science models to the North-West University (Vaal Campus) water-monitoring project. The designed framework is, therefore, the product of document reviews and reflection on the real-world practice of a community-based water-monitoring project. The implementation of citizen science in communities, and specifically a community-based water-monitoring project, requires planning and implementation of diverse complex concepts at different levels. Adhering to previous research and refining recommendations with practical findings from a real-life project aid to develop a framework of citizen science that can provide guidance to plan future citizen science projects at educational institutions. The proposed framework can provide sound guidance to citizen science project leaders of different educational institutions regarding citizen science projects. The proposed framework aligns literature and practical experience to create a simplistic view on citizen science projects. The proposed framework can be considered as the "big picture" in citizen science and may guide future projects as a departure point when planning a project
dc.publisherLook Academic Publishers
dc.subjectCitizen science
dc.subjectcommunity-based monitoring
dc.subjectadaptive management
dc.titleA context Specific Framework Approach to Community Based Monitoring
dc.contributor.researchID12765074 - Muller, Irene

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