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dc.contributor.authorOduaran, Akpovire Bovadjera
dc.identifier.citationOduaran, A.B. 2017. Influence of students feedback on the Quality of adult Higher Distance Education Service Delivery. Turkish Online Journal Of Distance Education, 18(4):160-176. []
dc.description.abstractThe evaluation of a program's compliance with service delivery and features necessary for the attainment of the programs educational objectives, student outcomes and continuous improvement is an important element in program accreditation and continuous improvement process. The study reported in this paper investigated the possible effects of students' feedback on the improvement of adult higher education distance learning service quality in a South African rural-based university. The study interrogated the service provision factors that seemingly helped in improving the delivery of the program. Such information are vital for planning, good governance, policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation, and for decision-making. The study used a quantitative descriptive statistics analysis of data generated ranging from 2013-2014. It comprised of overall student satisfaction as the dependent variable and the explanatory variables were given by program management, facilitation, assessment, learner support, systems, resources, program outcomes and subject matter. Analytical results were obtained from the Mann Whitney Test. The population consisted of students enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in Education (ACE) program by distance mode. The 313 respondents sampled were randomly selected from a total population of 916 students. Data were collected using a semi-structured questionnaire. The results revealed that service qualities linked to effective management, facilitation, academic support and subject matter delivery were the main qualities that the students recommended for the improvement of the program. It is therefore recommended that adult higher education programs must have a documented systematically utilized and effective process involving program service delivery constituencies like assessment, academic support and resources provided, for the periodic review of the program educational objectives to ensure that the program remains consistent with the institutional mission, needs and criteria.
dc.publisherAnadolu University
dc.subjectDistance education
dc.subjecthigher education
dc.subjectservice delivery
dc.subjectservice quality
dc.subjectstudents' feedback
dc.titleInfluence of students feedback on the Quality of adult Higher Distance Education Service Delivery
dc.contributor.researchID20991940 - Oduaran, Akpovire Bovadjera

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