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dc.contributor.authorMahlasela, Johannes Tsietsi
dc.identifier.citationMahlasela, J.T. 2017. Sesotho subtitling: a possible vehicle to enhance Grade 12 physical science learning? Language Matters, 48(1):71-90. []
dc.identifier.issn1753-5395 (Online)
dc.description.abstractPoor performance in subjects such as mathematics and physical science in basic education is the theme of much discussion. This study explored the use of mother-tongue (in this case Sesotho) subtitling of English language videos on selected themes in the Grade 12 physical science curriculum as a possible vehicle to enhance learning. An empirical investigation was conducted to determine if and how mother-tongue subtitling (of English language videos) affected the comprehension of Grade 12 learners from two former Department of Education and Training (DET) schools. Grade 12 physical science content material was divided into six videos and shown to two groups of participants. One of the two groups (control group) watched the material without subtitles while the second group (experimental group) watched the same material subtitled in Sesotho over a six-week period. The results of the comprehension test that was written after this period indicates statistically significant improvement in the marks of the experimental group.
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis
dc.subjectmother-tongue subtitling
dc.subjectphysical science
dc.titleSesotho subtitling: a possible vehicle to enhance Grade 12 physical science learning?
dc.contributor.researchID11845856 - Mahlasela, Johannes Tsietsi

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