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dc.contributor.authorKanzaki, Natsumi
dc.contributor.authorShokoohi, Ebrahim
dc.contributor.authorFourie, Hendrika
dc.contributor.authorMuller, Loureine
dc.contributor.authorSwart, Antoinette
dc.identifier.citationKanzaki, N. et al. 2018. On the morphology and phylogeny of Robustodorus Andrássy, 2007 and two ‘Aphelenchoides’ species (Nematoda: Aphelenchoidinae). Nematology, 20(7):601-615. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn1568-5411 (Online)
dc.description.abstractIn a survey of nematode damage in groundnut ( Arachis hypogaea ) (Fabaceae) production areas in the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, a nematode was recovered and initially believed to be a member of the genus Robustodorus , i.e. , the species has a characteristic robust stylet with very well-developed teardrop-shaped (garlic bulb-like) basal swellings. The specimens were recovered in large numbers from damaged hulls and kernels of field-collected groundnuts and, after thorough morphological and molecular studies, were subsequently identified as Aphelenchoides arachidis . Molecular analysis based on near-full-length small subunit (SSU), internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and D2-D3 expansion segments of the large subunit (LSU) rRNA genes supported the monophyly of A. arachidis , A. subtenuis and R. megadorus within the subfamily Aphelenchoidinae. Based on the typological characters observed in the present study compared with descriptions in the literature, these three species are considered as congeneric, i.e. , they share very well-developed basal swellings of the stylet. Accordingly, these two Aphelenchoides species are transferred to Robustodorus as R. arachidis n. comb. and R. subtenuis n. comb. In addition, the male tail characters of Robustodorus and Aphelenchoides are discusseden_US
dc.subjectAphelenchoides arachidisen_US
dc.subjectAphelenchoides subtenuisen_US
dc.subjectArachis hypogaeaen_US
dc.subjectNew combinationen_US
dc.subjectPlant-parasitic nematodeen_US
dc.subjectRibosomal RNA genesen_US
dc.subjectRobustodorus arachidis n. comb.en_US
dc.subjectRobustodorus subtenuis n. comb.en_US
dc.titleOn the morphology and phylogeny of Robustodorus Andrássy, 2007 and two ‘Aphelenchoides’ species (Nematoda: Aphelenchoidinae)en_US
dc.contributor.researchID27034526 - Shokoohi, Ebrahim
dc.contributor.researchID10148620 - Fourie, Hendrika

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