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dc.contributor.authorJohnson, Zena
dc.contributor.authorJacobs, Susanne
dc.contributor.authorVan Schalkwyk, Izanette
dc.identifier.citationJohnson, Z. et al. 2018. Perceptions of early adolescent Setswana-speaking learners of respect in the educator-learner relationship. Africa education reviews, 15(1):192-206. []en_US
dc.identifier.issn1753-5921 (Online)
dc.description.abstractThis exploratory research focused on describing Setswana-speaking early adolescents’ perceptions of respect in educator-learner relationships in the South African context. A lack of mutual respect obstructs adolescents’ freedom to pursue personal goals in South Africa’s school communities. Adding to this incongruity is the isolating of relational well-being and academic excellence. A qualitative research paradigm, using a single exploratory case study design in an English primary public school in Johannesburg, Gauteng, was used. Ten learners, black Setswana-speaking South Africans, participated. Findings indicate that: (1) the need to belong is paramount to respect; (2) early adolescents need a “parent figure” modelling respect; (3) positive emotions facilitate respect when learners feel valued, and cared for; and (4) an educator who shows respect, ignites reciprocity, thus demonstrating respectful communication within a secure structure and encourages academic excellence. These experiences are indicative of a positive spiral toward flourishing educator-learner relationshipsen_US
dc.publisherTaylor & Francisen_US
dc.subjectRelational well-beingen_US
dc.subjectEducator-learner relationshipen_US
dc.subjectEarly adolescenceen_US
dc.subjectComplexity Theoryen_US
dc.titlePerceptions of early adolescent Setswana-speaking learners of respect in the educator-learner relationshipen_US
dc.contributor.researchID22093915 - Jacobs, Susanne
dc.contributor.researchID20977026 - Van Schalkwyk, Izanette
dc.contributor.researchID23807970 - Johnson, Zena

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