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dc.contributor.authorToyomaki, Haruya
dc.contributor.authorIkenaka, Yoshinori
dc.contributor.authorYabe, John
dc.contributor.authorNakayama, Shouta M.M.
dc.contributor.authorYohannes, Yared B.
dc.identifier.citationToyomaki, H. et al. 2020. Factors associated with lead (Pb) exposure on dogs around a Pb mining area, Kabwe, Zambia. Chemosphere, 247#125884. []en_US
dc.description.abstractLead (Pb)-poisoning is a serious public health concern and dogs have been useful as a sentinel-animal for Pb exposure of humans. In the present study, the blood Pb concentrations (BLC), isotope ratios (208 Pb/206 Pb and 207 Pb/206 Pb), and biochemistry of 120 domestically owned dogs living around a Pb mining area, in Kabwe, Zambia were analyzed to determine factors associated with Pb exposure. The overall mean value of Pb in dog blood in the present study was 271.6 μg/L. The BLC in the dogs from sites near the mine were significantly higher than those in the dogs from a site 4 km from the mine (352.9 ± 205.1 μg/L versus 28.0 ± 13.9 μg/L). BLC significantly decreased with both increasing age of the dogs and distance from the mine. The Pb isotope ratios in the dog that resided near the mine showed values similar to those reported at the galena mine in Kabwe, which is considered to be the source of Pb exposure. In contrast to the high metal exposure that was determined in these dogs, the mean values of most analyzed parameters in the blood biochemical analysis were surprisingly within or close to the standard reference values. Moreover, none of the dogs showed overt signs of Pb-poisoning or other clinical symptoms. The results of analysis of Pb exposure of the dogs obtained in the present study, which are similar to the previously reported results in human in this location, suggest that dogs could be useful as a sentinel animal for Pb exposure of humans in Kabween_US
dc.subjectSentinel animalen_US
dc.subjectLead poisoningen_US
dc.subjectLead stable isotopeen_US
dc.titleFactors associated with lead (Pb) exposure on dogs around a Pb mining area, Kabwe, Zambiaen_US
dc.contributor.researchID27878368 - Ikenaka, Yoshinori

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