December 2007

Editorial comment



A new era

The editorial staff of TD The Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa was recently informed that our journal had been accredited by the national department of education.

The new status means that TD now forms part of a select group of scientific publications in South Africa. We now have the responsibility to ensure that, in line with the quality of our sister publications in academia, high standards are maintained in respect of academic editing and publishing.

It also implies that contributors, in the service of higher educational and research institutions in South Africa, whose articles are published in TD, are eligible for funding from their respective institutions.

This is an accomplishment of which we are very proud.

Since the inception of TD in 2005 members of the editorial staff have made work of securing contributions that could hold their own under conditions of high peer reviewing standards.

The achievement can be attributed to our faithful readers, subscribers and contributors. Without them the journal would hardly have reached this milestone in the space of less than three years. We thank all partners for their support in this endeavour.

Our journal is committed to opening up lines of communication between disciplines. We also need to communicate with civil society at all levels. Ultimately we have to communicate knowledge that can be useful to science and society at large.

Should there be any suggestions as to how we can make the journal a better read and platform of knowledge, please let us know.

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